We offer rigorous nonprofit compliance checks to ensure that all the nonprofits in our database are valid, compliant and meet our customers’ eligibility criteria.

We also complete nonprofit validation checks every time:

  1. A nonprofit is claimed in our causes portal
  2. A donation request comes in for a nonprofit that hasn’t been validated by us
Below you can see a brief description what each check means. It’s worth noting that all checks are asynchronous and typically take between 1 minute and 72h before they are complete


We make sure that a nonprofit actually exists. For this, we check official registry websites from the nonprofit’s country and search for it (using either name or registration code).

Nonprofits that have already been validated by us will have this check done automatically.


Learn more about compliance in our compliance checks page

Due diligence checks ensuring a nonprofit is not involved in any damaging activities. The checks we do are the following:

Sanction checks

Warning checks

Adverse media checks

Commercial checks

Controversial checks

Hate speech checks


Learn more about eligibility in our eligibility review page

We tag the nonprofit based on what their purpose is (e.g. climate change).

This will then match to your eligibility settings and either reject or approve a nonprofit. Get in touch with our team so that they can set up your configuration for you.

Agent verification

Learn more about agent verification in our agent verification page

We ensure person works at the nonprofit. To do to that we do a few things:

Domain matching: the email domain and the website domain are the same

→ If domain doesn’t match, we contact the nonprofit to understand if the person works there

Email verification: the user needs to verify they have access to the email


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