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Welcome to Percent’s documentation!

We’re on a mission to power purpose in every organisation worldwide

Percent provides an API-first platform that makes it safe and easy for companies to build purpose into their products.

At the the heart of the Percent platform is the worlds largest ESG & nonprofit database. On top of this, Percent provides a nonprofit compliance and payments layer to safely and efficiently process donations to any nonprofit worldwide.

Below you can see a diagram of the Percent purpose-platform:


What good looks like

Product donations: Set up a product donations program where nonprofits can use your product for free or at a discount. Read more in this OverviewOverview

Monetary donations: Enable your customers to donate to causes they care about by building donations into your product. Read more in this OverviewOverview

Corporate donations: You can donate money to directly to validated nonprofits around the world through the Percent platform

Workplace giving: You can bring purpose into your business by enabling your employees to give back to causes they believe in

Quick start guides

Quick start guides


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