Compliance checks

Compliance checks


Compliance checks are requested via the Monitoring Subscription API

What is a Monitoring Subscription?

A Monitoring Subscription allows you to see if a nonprofit has passed or failed Percent's compliance checks while also being notified of any future changes. If a compliance check has not been completed on creation, the Percent team will look to complete the compliance checks according to your agreed SLA.


The status field in the Monitoring Subscription entity refers to the state of the subscription. Below are the statuses and the meaning behind them:

→ pending: Percent is yet to run their compliance checks for the nonprofit.

→ pending_validation_request: The Monitoring Subscription was created with a Validation Request and that Validation Request is yet to be handled by Percent.

→ validation_request_failed: The Monitoring Subscription was created with a Validation Request that has since been rejected.

→ live: Percent have completed their initial compliance checks for the nonprofit and the subscription will be listening for any changes in the future so partners can be notified.

→ cancelled: The monitoring subscription has been cancelled. Cancelled meaning that the subscription will no longer be active and any new updates for the organization in question will be ignored.


The results field in the Monitoring Subscription object provides the result of each compliance check that Percent completes. It will be present on creation and as checks are completed by Percent, it will become populated with results and when complete will look like the following:

	"results": {
		"complianceStatus": "fail" | "pass",
		"registration": {
			"active": "no" | "yes"
		"warning": {
			"status": "flag" | "clear"
		"sanction": {
			"status": "flag" | "clear"
		"controversial": {
			"status": "flag" | "clear"
		"commercial": {
			"status": "flag" | "clear"
		"adverseMedia": {
			"status": "clear"
		"hateSpeech": {
			"status": "flag"

Compliance checks

Below you can find a small summary of what each check and result means.

Compliance status

Compliance status refers to whether Percent will cooperate and support the given organization. This status is not designed to be a binding decision as to how a partner can work with a nonprofit directly, and only indicates whether the nonprofit could be supported via the Percent platform.

  • Pass: This means Percent would be happy to support the nonprofit and disburse funds to it.
  • Fail: Percent has deemed the nonprofit high risk, due to specific marked compliance warnings, and will not cooperate with this organization.

Adverse media

The adverse media flag refers to Percent performing an interrogation of third-party data sources for negative news associated with a nonprofit and to expose information that indicates the organization would breach Percent Validation policies.

  • Clear: Percent hasn’t found any negative news associated with the given nonprofit.
  • Flag: Percent has found some news associated with the given nonprofit which is a cause for concern and has flagged them.


The commercial flag refers to Percent checking to see if an organization organized to make a profit.

  • Clear: Percent has found no indication that the organization is made for profit.
  • Flag: Percent has reason to believe that the given organization is made for profit and it has been flagged.


The controversial flag refers to Percent checking to see if the organization in question are associated with beliefs that exist significantly outside of belief systems broadly accepted in society, or misinformation that is likely to cause real world harm.

  • Clear: Percent hasn’t found anything that suggests this organization can be considered controversial.
  • Flag: Percent believes that the non profit is associated with beliefs that exist significantly outside of belief systems broadly accepted in society and has flagged them.

Hate speech

The hate speech flag refers to Percent checks in finding any derogatory or dehumanising statements, that incite hate, violence or direct attack against people or groups on the basis of the following characteristics: age, race, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, victims of a major violent event and their kin and veteran status.

  • Clear: Percent hasn’t found any indication that this organization has shared any hate speech before.
  • Flag: Percent has found evidence of the organization using hate speech and has flagged it.

Sanction & warning

These flags are apart of our AML checks. We look across warning and sanction lists to see if the given organization has any previous history with money laundering.

  • Clear: Percent has not found any record of money laundering warnings/ sanctions.
  • Flag: Percent has found a record of the organization in a sanction or warning list and has flagged it.


This result refers to whether the given organization is active legally. The results for this section are either Yes or No.


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