Discount redemption

Discount redemption


This feature only applies to the hosted setup

Discount redemption is a feature that enables successful applicants to get a code or link they can use to redeem access to your product.

When successful—and if you’ve subscribed to this feature—any successful applicant will get the code or link in their outcome email.

How can you add them?

Get in touch with our product & engineering team to set up discount redemption for you.

What’s needed

We’ll need to work out with you whether you’ll provide discounts to the applicants with a code or a dynamic link.

For example, if it’s a code you provide, you’ll need to give us a list of codes we can provide when they’re successful - for this, we usually accept a list of pre-defined codes (e.g. CSV file)

Other notes

If codes or links doesn’t work for you, we’ll be happy to learn a bit more about how you provide discounts to your customers.


Below is an example of an acceptance email with code redemption functionality—this is what it will look like for your customers with your logo next to Percent’s.


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