Additional fields

Additional fields


This feature only applies to the hosted setup

Additional fields are added on top of the hosted forms’ base fields to give you the ability to collect more information about your users.

As an example, you may want to understand which type of plan the applicant will require. This can be helpful when trying to understand if they should be redirected to a sales person or be re-directed to a self-serve sign up flow.

How can you add them?

Get in touch with our product & engineering team to add additional fields to your flow. They’ll help you set up the extra fields you want.

Number of fields

→ You can add up to 10 additional fields to your flow.

Type of fields

You can add the following type of fields to your flow:

Short text - up to 256 characters


Multiple choice checkboxes - up to 5 options allowed

Dropdown select - up to 15 options allowed


You can mark any field as required.

Other notes

→ Adding additional fields will add one extra screen to your flow

→ The extra screen will be added right before the Terms & Conditions screen

Code example

	partnerFields: [ // Empty or fields up to a limit of 10
			id: 'name',
			title: 'Name', // required
			type: 'short_text', // required
			validation: {
				required: true // not required - defaults to {}
			placeholder: 'Your name' // not required


Below is an example of how the additional fields look like in the hosted form - this is what it will look like for your customers (with your custom branding of course).


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