Applications inbox

Applications inbox


Applications inbox is where you can see all the applications that came in for your product

The applications inbox was created to enable you to keep track of the applications for your program and you can access it through the Applications tab under the Compliance section of the dashboard.

Applications table

Get in touch with our product & engineering team if you don’t have access to the dashboard yet

In the applications table you can see the main information about each application:

Nonprofit: name of the nonprofit the applicant belongs to

Agent name: name of the nonprofit’s applicant

Agent email: email of the nonprofit’s applicant

Validation: status of the application in 3 different states - Pending, Succeeded and Failed

Application date: date when the applicant/nonprofit applied for the program


Application details

In the application details you’ll be able to see a checks summary where you can understand the status of each check and for example where an application has failed if that’s the case.

You will also see a details section with all the information about the nonprofit, as well as a detailed list of the compliance checks.

If you’re using

, you’ll also see them in this view.


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