Eligibility review

Eligibility review


Eligibility reviews are requested via the Eligibilty Subscription API

What is an Eligibility Subscription?

An Eligibility Subscription allows a Partner to see if a nonprofit fits into their acceptance criteria while also being notified if that changes at any point in the future.


The status field in the Eligibility Subscription entity refers to the state of the subscription. Below are the statuses and the meaning behind them:

pending: Percent is yet to provide a classification tag for the nonprofit.

pending_validation_request: The Eligibility Subscription was created with a validation request and that validation request is yet to be handled by Percent.

validation_request_failed: The Eligibility Subscription was created with a validation request that has since been rejected.

cannot_define_eligibility: Percent has not been able to provide a classification for the nonprofit and therefore will not update the eligibilityStatus. We recommend implementing logic to either fail the organization or to escalate them for internal review.

live: Percent have provided a classification tag for the nonprofit and the subscription will be listening for any changes in the future so you can be notified.

cancelled: The Partner has cancelled the Eligibility Subscription.


The results field in the Eligibility Subscription provides the answer to whether the organization in question matches a partners eligibility criteria. We do this by matching the classification tags that have been given by our ops team with the tags in the Partners acceptance criteria. The results object will become populated once the Percent team has classified the organization.

results: {
	"eligibilityStatus": "fail",


results: {
	"eligibilityStatus": "pass",

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